TYPEHIKE with me.


That time I almost died.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is beautiful. a passenger train weaves through the valley, and the huge slabs of granite and limestone in the area form cascading waterfalls that in the fall and mist are positively magical.

As a young girl (maybe 9 or 10?) I took my M&M's 35mm camera on a hike with my family with a tour group in Cuyahoga. There is a slab of rock where a small pond has formed and runs in rivulets over the side of a small cliff, and as everyone spread out across the slab, I wandered closer and closer to the edge, taking photos and jumping over the little rivers. I remember it was cold and a little icy. 

On one of these jumps, I slipped and slid toward the edge of the waterfall. I stopped what seemed just a few feet from the edge. 

And so although I've had a number of fantastic experiences in national parks, up to and including creating a human being, this was my first national park memory. I designed a poster for Cuyahoga as a part of Typehike (a poster series celebrating the centennial of our national parks) and joined a VERY EXCELLENT collection of typographic genius. You can even buy a postcard.